Worldwide Giving Tuesday — A Global Movement of Generosity

We ask for your support!

“Giving Tuesday” began as an initiative to create an awareness of the needs of charitable community organizations, both locally and globally, and to support those groups through giving time, money, advocacy, and goods.

During this critical period in our country and planet, this particular time when there is an increase in the demand to fulfill the basic needs of our fellow human beings and other beings of this earth, let us support organizations that provide services, assistance, and  hope for those that are suffering.

Please help support the Himalayan Yoga Meditation Society’s mission with a donation.

Your donation will help…

  • replace the aging furnace
  • repair the roof
  • repair the drywall in the ceiling of the main classroom (recently completed)
  • paint the classrooms (recently completed)
  • reduce the monthly mortgage

Our Fund Raising Goal is $10,000. 

We have currently raised $4200.  

Thank you.

Himalayan Yoga Meditation Society Board of Directors

Wesley Van Linda, Frank Dettloff, Sue Chartrand, Brian Butler, JuLee Vajgrt, Susan Pack

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