A Tribute to Denise Cronk from Swami Ritavan …

Dear Himalayan Yoga Meditation Society Members,


Over many years, as a student who became a sadhaka and matured into the guiding role of teacher, Denise is an example of dedication and selfless service. Throughout her life, she served the Himalayan Tradition through the Milwaukee Center, the Indianapolis Center, and through the students she guided.

She was a true seeker: an avid learner and practitioner who expected the same with her students. Her dedication was unswayed in the face of uncertainty and misfortune in the events of her life. Her selfless attitude, always willing to help, was an inspiration for many and an apt instrument through which Guru’s grace flowed.

Though her vanaprastha (retirement) may remove her from her Center duties and activities, she will remain a source of inspiration, love, and guidance to all on this path of enlightenment.

On behalf of the Lineage,  Blessings of appreciation and revelation on the journey yet to come.

Om Tat Sat,
Swami Ritavan Bharati

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